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Fake bird of paradise plant by Blooming Artificial
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Fake purple wisteria tree - Blooming Artificial
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Useful Information

How to Pot Artificial Plants

Your flowering tree will arrive in a basic black pot that holds the tree together and acts as a solid base. We recommend re potting your tree into a more decorative planter to make it more stable and attractive. We’ve created a short video guide to show you how. Watch our video guide here.

How to Arrange Artificial Plants

Your new flowering tree will arrive safely and securely in a cardboard box. The foliage might have become slightly squashed on its way to you but this is normal and it only takes a few minutes to rearrange and create a desirable look. We’ve made a short video guide to help you with this. Watch our guide here.

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Our artificial trees don’t require the watering, feeding, pruning and training that their natural counterparts need. Instead, all they ask for is a quick clean every now and then. It only takes a few minutes and will keep your trees looking as good as the day you opened the box. We’ve created a quick video guide to help. Watch our guide here.

Using Artificial Flowering Trees

Artificial flowering trees are a popular solution for areas where real trees would not survive – perhaps because the weather isn’t suitable or simply because the species isn’t native to the UK.

They’re also perfect for businesses that do not want the hassle of maintaining real plants or individuals who dream of a beautiful low maintenance display that lasts all year round.

High Quality

Each of our flowering trees are made with quality in mind. We use only the best materials for the most realistic look, including real wood stems, polyethylene and delicate silk petals. We check the foliage, colour, shape and size of all our artificial plants against their natural versions to ensure each one is an authentic replica.

Not only do we spend time checking the authenticity of each of our flowering trees but we also keep an eye on our prices to make sure that they are competitive and affordable.

Benefits of Artificial

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of owning artificial plants is the lack of maintenance required to keep them looking their best. Your flowering tree will arrive fully ‘grown’ and will never out grow your home. You also don’t need to water, feed, prune or train your artificial tree and in return it will still bloom all year round!

Taking care of real trees requires patience, time and skill which we seriously lack in! But even those of us who possess more of a black than green thumb can have a flawless looking display straight out of the box.


When shopping for artificial plants you might notice that the cost of them is often more than real plants, however in the long run the cost of turning to faux plants is much less. Not only do you save plenty of time but you also don’t need to pay for the cost of feeding and repotting your plants.

Wide Range

We offer a wide range of flowering trees including our popular wisteria tree, our buy on get one free rose ball tree and our beautiful bougainvillea tree. Life is more flexible with artificial plants too. You can sometimes get bored with the look real plants and they don’t always look their best. With faux, you can simply store them away and swap them to suit your mood and the style of your home. When you come to bring them out again, they’ll still look as good as they did when you left them.

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