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Artificial Rose Ball Tree
From: £48.99 inc VAT
Artificial Bougainvillea
From: £59.99 inc VAT
Artificial Wisteria
From: £74.99 inc VAT
Artificial Peony Bush
From: £60.00 inc VAT From: £95.49 inc VAT
Artificial Lily Magnolia Bush
From: £14.99 inc VAT From: £21.99 inc VAT
Artificial Rose Bush
From: £29.99 inc VAT From: £39.99 inc VAT

Artificial flowering trees

We have a small range of artificial flowering trees available which all boast incredibly realistic details and features. Made from high quality materials and delicate craftsmanship, our elegant silk flowering trees are the perfect artificial solution to the live versions. For budgets little or large, our range should hold the ideal fake flowering tree for you.

Practical yet fashionable

Our colourful range of artificial flowering trees are ideal for dull inside spaces. With vibrant colours ranging from pink, cream, red, purple to yellow; we are sure to have a fake flowering tree for any décor scheme available.

Our gorgeous wisteria trees boast twisted liana style trunks, making this flowering tree one of our most impressive design features. Alternatively, our cherry blossom tree has a delicately slim trunk, which compliments the graceful silk flowers of this fake tree.

Last, but not least, our range of blossoming rose ball trees have a simple wooden trunk, with sprouting leaves trailing up to the main flowering head. There, a burst of colourful roses complete this popular artificial flowering tree. These trees are available at buy one get one free, making them suitable for any budget.

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