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Artificial Pansy Viola Bush
From: £5.99 inc VAT
Large Artificial Geranium Bush
From: £8.99 inc VAT
Artificial Hydrangea Bush
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Small Artificial Geranium Bush
From: £6.99 inc VAT
Trailing Artificial Fuchsia
From: £16.75 inc VAT
Mini Artificial Cedar Pine
From: £12.99 inc VAT
Artificial Lavender Bush
From: £7.99 inc VAT
Artificial Vanilla Grass
From: £5.99 inc VAT
Artificial Grass Bush on Spike
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Artificial Foxtail Grass on Spike
From: £16.49 inc VAT
Artificial Small Fern Plant
From: £6.99 inc VAT
Artificial Ivy Bush
From: £9.99 inc VAT
Artificial Agave Succulent
From: £9.65 inc VAT
Artificial Jasmin Hanging Bush
From: £12.99 inc VAT
Artificial Fern Hanging Bush
From: £10.99 inc VAT
Trailing Artificial Geranium
From: £14.39 inc VAT From: £15.99 inc VAT
Artificial Aloe Vera Succulent
Currently Unavailable
From: £9.41 inc VAT From: £10.45 inc VAT

Useful Information

UV Resistance

Our flowering bushes are all designed for outdoor use in typical UK weather. What does this actually mean? We’ve created a guide to help.

Read our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance for more information.

How to Pot Artificial Flower Bushes

All of our flower bushes arrive on plastic spikes so they can easily be planted into your pot or straight into the ground. The size of the spike is factored into the overall height of each plant.

We have a range of decorative planters, including UV and frost resistant planters and our stackable vertical garden planter, which is perfect for creating a beautiful low maintenance display.

Read our potting guide for more information.

How to Arrange Artificial Flower Bushes

When your items arrive they may appear to be slightly squashed from being in their box. This ensures that they are safe during transit. It only takes a few moments to fluff out and arrange the foliage to help your new addition look its best. We’ve created a video guide to show you how to do this.

Watch our guide on how to arrange artificial plants.

Using Artificial Flowering Bushes

Artificial flower bushes are the ideal solution to those of us that do not have the time needed to maintain beautiful flower arrangements, businesses that do not want to maintain natural plants or individuals who simply don’t have the handiness required for gardening. Whatever it is, we have a wide range of flowering bushes and shrubs to create the perfect low maintenance garden.

Our stunning hydrangea and geranium bushes are a popular choice for flower beds and potted arrangements. Our grass bushes are ideal for pairing with our range of flowering bushes for an impressive plant display. Our croton and aglaonema bushes are attractive shrubs that feature delicate markings, perfect for livening up a dull space. Finally, our hanging bushes are ideal for cascading from window boxes and hanging baskets. They feature intricate, UV resistant foliage that’s perfect for sprucing up your home or garden.

High Quality, Unparalleled Realism

The foliage on our flower bushes and shrubs are manufactured using a mix of high quality silk, plastic and latex giving them vivid colours and unparalleled realism. Each plant’s exact mix will differ to provide different textures but the quality certainly will not.

We check the foliage, colour, shape and size of all our flowering bushes and shrubs against their natural counterparts to ensure they look as realistic and lifelike as possible.

Why Choose Artificial Flower Bushes

One of the main reasons for using artificial flowers instead of natural plants is the benefit of low maintenance. Our flowers won’t dry out and wilt if you forget to water them and they won’t need dead-heading to keep them looking their best. If you’re keeping them inside they might need a quick dust every now and then but when outside the wind should clear any dirt and debris. We’ve created a quick video guide to show you how to clean artificial plants.


The price of artificial flower bushes and shrubs may seem more expensive at first but, in the long run they work out to be much more affordable because real plants often need replacing each.

Allergies and Toxins

An allergy free home and garden is the obvious advantage of faux plants and flowers. Now you can roam your garden freely without the symptoms of a sniffly nose. For more reasons to choose artificial plants, visit our blog.

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