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artificial variegated 120cm silk ficus tree
From: £48.00 inc VAT
  • 4.8 star rating
Luxurious artificial ficus tree with deluxe twisted stem - Blooming Artificial
From: £220.00 inc VAT
  • 4.8 star rating
From: £52.00 inc VAT
  • 4.8 star rating
Artificial 90cm silk fiddle leaf fig tree plant
From: £36.00 inc VAT
  • 3.5 star rating
Ficus elastica plant
£38.00 inc VAT

Useful Information

How to Pot Artificial Plants

Your ficus tree will be pre potted in a basic black pot. It isn’t the most attractive thing to look at, but it’s designed to hold your plant together and provide a low centre of gravity. We always recommend repotting your artificial plants into more decorative planters to finish off the look. We’ve created our quick video guide to show you how.

Watch our potting guide here.

How to Arrange Artificial Plants

When you receive your ficus tree it might look a little squashed in its box but this helps to arrive safely and securely. You’ll need to arrange the foliage to help the plant looks its best. This only takes a few minutes to do and once it’s done your ficus tree will look beautiful all year round! We’ve created a quick video guide to help you through the process.

Watch our guide here.

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Your ficus tree will never ask to be watered, fed or pruned but it might get a bit dusty from time to time. Cleaning artificial plants is easy and can be a part of your usual cleaning routine. We’ve created a short video guide to show you how.

Watch our cleaning guide here.

Why Buy Artificial Ficus Plants

Artificial ficus trees have become increasingly popular over the last decade for a number of different reasons. They’re the perfect solution for areas where real trees would not survive. Another reason for buying artificial plants is the joys of low maintenance. Never again will you have to spend huge amounts of your time keeping on top of watering, feeding, pruning and training your plants, instead our faux options only need a quick dust from time to time! This isn’t the only reason to opt for an artificial replica. Real ficus trees are known for rapid growing roots which invade gardens, grow under pathways and lift up patios and driveways. Even more concerning - the ficus tree ranks as the third most common cause of indoor allergies, after dust and pets. They can cause conjunctivitis and asthma as well as potentially causing anaphylactic shock in latex allergy sufferers!

The price of artificial plants may be more expensive at first but they actually work out to be much cheaper over a long period of time. You don’t need to spend money on feeding them and you don’t need to pay for a larger pot as they grow. There’s also no wait for them to become fully grown and no struggle trying to keep them in shape (a real ficus tree can grow up to 98ft tall!)

We have a wide range of faux ficus trees to suit each and every home. From our cute ficus topping tree to our luxurious ficus benjamina liana tree - you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

Top Quality, Highly Realistic

Our range of ficus plants are made using only top quality materials including real wood, which means our plants are some of the most realistic looking on the market! Each material has a specific purpose to make our ficus plants look incredibly realistic.

We check the foliage, colour, shape and sizes of all our artificial plants against their natural counter-parts to ensure they are as natural-looking as possible. The foliage is dense and features intricate detailing on each leaf that matches the real ficus plants and the stems are beautifully twisted, and in some cases wrapped in twisted vines!

For more information on the materials used please contact our knowledgeable customer service team

Using Artificial Ficus Plants

The foliage on our range of ficus is made from polyethylene for the most authentic look. This unfortunately means that they aren’t UV stable, so we don’t recommend putting them outside. If you do wish to use them outside we recommend keeping them in a sheltered area and out of direct sunlight, as this may cause the foliage to discolour.

Ficus are a popular choice in home offices, conference centres, waiting rooms and schools. Their classic shape and style gives them a steady as you go look which can help to create a relaxed atmosphere.

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