Artificial Corn Plant

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  • BACORN130
  • Overall height including pot: 132cm
  • Width: 45cm
  • Pot measurements: 15cm (Ø) x 15cm (h)

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Reviews & Questions

Here's Everything You Need To Know

What options are there?

The corn plant measures approximately 132cm tall and 60cm wide. It comes pre-potted in a small black starter pot measuring 15cm wide by 15cm tall, which should be re-potted to increase the plants stability.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

This stunning tropical tree features two-tone foliage. Each leaf bares gorgeous stripes of light green which contrast nicely against the leaves’ dark green background. The corn plant has a tall stem manufactured using natural wood and splitting off into several smaller branches, from which the leaves sprout. The foliage is crafted from top quality polyester allowing for vivid colours and lifelike detail.

Where should you put it?

Naturally the corn plant suits a warm, sunny spot away from heat sources and drafts. This is where your faux corn plant is going to look the most realistic. Saying that, it won’t mind at all if you put it in a cold shady corner of your home.

Pot it up and use it in your hallway, lounge or bedroom for some simple exotic greenery or use it among other plants (both real and fake) to create your own attractive jungle feature.

When the corn plant arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. You order will arrive in a strong cardboard box. When it arrives, open the box, remove your tree and recycle the packaging where possible.

    If by any chance your artificial corn plant arrives damaged, please contact us as soon as possible.

  3. Arrange
  4. When the corn plant arrives, the foliage may all be pointing upright and looking slightly different to the photo on our website. This is normal and is only a result of the plant being packed tightly in its box to keep it safe during in transit. Rest assured you only need to spend a few minutes correcting the foliage.

    To do this, firmly bend out each branch and leaf until they’re in a more natural position. You can use our photos or photos of a real corn plant as a guide. For more information, watch our video guide here.

  5. Re-pot
  6. The corn plant comes pre-potted in a small black planter. We strongly recommend that you re-pot this into something larger and more attractive, as doing so will give the plant more stability and help it to blend into your existing décor.

    To re-pot your corn plant, simply place the tree and its black starter pot into your new pot, fill around the edges with sand, earth or stones and top with some decorative stones.

    For more information, watch our video guide here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

A natural corn plant will shed its lower leaves leaving a rather unattractive layer of brown foliage at the bottom of the plant. They need an area with bright indirect sunlight with some shade, as direct sunlight will damage the leaves. Mealy bugs and scale are also a common issue with corn plants and they’re reportedly sensitive to fluoride found in tap water, so they require filtered water to avoid discolouration. Along with fertiliser and re-potting, this all adds up to quite a lot of maintenance.

Your artificial corn plant will only require a few minutes of cleaning each month to keep it in top condition. Find out how to clean your artificial plants by reading our how to guide here.

Did you know?

The corn plant originates from Madagascar. Its actual name, Dracaena Fragrans, is derived from the Greek word drakaina, meaning ‘female dragon’ due to the red resin found on the stems that resembled dragon blood. A study ran by NASA has proven that the corn plant purifies the air of harmful gasses; however you should keep it away from pets as the leaves are toxic if eaten.

Looking for something else?

If the corn plant isn’t what you’re looking for, view our full range of palm and exotic trees here.

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