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Artificial 3ft conifer tree - Blooming Artificial
From: £42.00 inc VAT
  • 4.6 star rating
£13.00 inc VAT
  • 4.9 star rating
Realistic fake cedar spiral topiary trees - 3ft to 6ft size options
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Out of stock
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  • 4.9 star rating

Useful Information

How to Pot Artificial Conifer Trees

Our conifer tree and cedar spiral arrive cemented into a small black pot to provide stability. We recommend re potting your tree into something more decorative to increase stability and improve the overall look. The mini cedar pine arrives on a small plastic spike, making it easy to ‘plant’ into your own pot or straight into the ground. We’ve created a potting guide to help with this process.

Read the guide here.

UV Resistance

The foliage on our cedar pines is UV protected which means you can keep them outside safe in the knowledge that they will not fade or discolour. We’ve put together a guide to explain UV resistance further with some handy tips to extend the over life span of your product.

Read our Ultimate Guide to UV Resistance here.

How to Arrange Artificial Plants

When you receive your new cedar pine, it may appear to be a bit squashed from being in its box. You only need to spend a few minutes arranging the foliage to help it look its best. We’ve created a quick video guide to help.

Watch our guide on arranging artificial plants.

Why Choose Artificial Cedar Pines

Artificial trees have become immensely popular over the last decade. They’re ideal if you have a busy lifestyle but still want a garden you can enjoy and for businesses that want an instant garden straight out of the box.

Artificial cedar pines are ideal for creating screening that hides unsightly fences or simply adding privacy from any prying neighbours. They never need to be pruned or watered, making them ideal for a low maintenance garden. Choose from the evergreen conifer tree, the mini cedar pine or our popular cedar spiral topiary tree. All of which feature UV resistant foliage which won’t fade when kept in the sunlight.

High Quality, Incredibly Realistic

We check the foliage, colour, shape and size of all our cedar pines against their natural counterparts to ensure they look as realistic as possible. They’re made using high quality, durable materials including natural wood stems and polyethylene, which ensures our cedar pines are some of, if not, the most realistic on the market.

Why Buy Artificial Cedar Pines

Wide Range

The cedar spiral is the topiary version of our conifer tree and is perfect for a stylish low maintenance garden. Each tree is handcrafted into a spiral to add a stunning twist to your garden. Stand a pair together for an impressive display.

The mini cedar pine is perfect for adding to beautiful flower displays like hanging baskets, patio planters and window boxes. At just 56cm in total, it makes a great centre piece when surrounded by stunning faux flowers and foliage.

The conifer tree is our take on the North American cedar pine. It’s available from 3ft – 6ft so is perfect for instant screening and is designed to withstand typical UK weather.


The cost of artificial trees may be more upfront but overall the cost is actually much lower than keeping real cedar pines. This is because you don’t need to maintain them, so it’s not only money you’ll save but also plenty of time.

Allergies and Toxins

Real conifer trees can be a problem if you have pets. The needles they drop can cause lots of different health problems, the main one being that they can puncture holes in your pet’s intestines. Not to worry though, the needles on our artificial version will stay firmly on the stems.

Low Maintenance

One of the best advantages of artificial plants is the low maintenance. This applies mainly to the cedar spiral as growing and maintaining pristine looking topiary takes a great deal of time and patience that for most of us, just isn’t possible. There’s no need for watering, feeding or pruning your cedar pines and they’re ready to go into your chosen space straight out of the box.

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