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What options are there?

The ornamental Caladium plant sits at around 37cm high (including the pot) by 37cm wide. These measurements are approximate because the overall size will vary based on how much you bend or manipulate the branches.

The plant arrives in a plain black pot measuring 11cm wide by 10cm. Normally we suggest replanting the plain black pot into something a little more stylish and larger to increase stability. However the Caladium’s green and red foliage pop’s out against the standard black pot which means this isn’t a necessity. If you would like to add a planter, we recommend one of these small plant pots.

Will you be able to tell it’s not real?

Our Caladium plant has stylish green leaves with fiery red veins, which makes this small faux plant one of the more interesting available.

Its foliage is manufactured from polyethylene which offers a realistic soft-sheen, durability and easy ongoing care. The pattern of the leaf is taken from a high resolution scan of a natural Caladium leaf which is then printed onto the plastic material. The branches have an internal wire which is covered in a pale green plastic. These branches can be easily arranged to create a desirable appearance.

Where should you put it?

The Caladium is part of our range of small indoor plants and is a simple way to add low maintenance greenery to your home. Owing to its petite size, we suggest sitting it on a shelf or popping it on your sideboard or console table.

Alternatively, mix the Caladium in a larger planter with our other small plants or flowering bushes to create a larger low maintenance artificial plant arrangement.

When the Caladium arrives, this is what you need to do:

  1. Unpack
  2. We send all of our artificial plants, trees and flowers safely and securely in a strong cardboard box. When the Caladium arrives with you, remove it from the box and take off any plastic wraps or protective materials. The cardboard packaging can be recycled. Any plastic or polystyrene protection may be recyclable depending on your local authority. If there is any damage when you unpack the item, please let us know.

  3. Arrange
  4. To achieve a convincing appearance, spend a few minutes arranging the branches and leaves to create messy criss-crossing foliage. This will give the plant a dense appearance hiding the rigid plastic branches. Use our product image as a guide to help you complete this step or for more guidance check out our short video guide here.

  5. Add finishing touches
  6. The final step is to add a more decorative plant pot. Choose from our range of colourful small pots or use one from around your home. Replanting an artificial plant is easy and only takes a moment. Simply pop the plant into its new pot, fill around the starter pot with earth or sand and top with decorative stones, slate or moss. For more information, watch our short video potting guide here.

What about ongoing maintenance?

Buying artificial is all about saving you time, effort and money. The Caladium plant requires next to no ongoing care, feeding or maintenance. All we suggest is that you give the leaves a wipe with a damp cloth from time to time to prevent a build-up of dust. For more information on cleaning and maintaining artificial plants, watch our short video cleaning guide here.

Did you know?

Because of their big heart-shaped leaves, Caladiums are also known as Jesus Hearts or Fancy Leaf Caladiums and range in colour from white, pink to red. They originated from the Amazon basin, however are now popular in northern Europe as bedding and potted house plants.

Looking for something else?

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