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Perennial Blooms is our premium range of artificial bouquets which have been expertly designed by Amanda, a local florist based in Norfolk.

Each faux flower stem has been taken from our existing range of beautiful artificial stems and hand-tied, in-house, to create our range of artificial bouquets which look and feel just like their real counterparts.

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Real flower arrangements are beautiful, only last for about two weeks, so are a short-term option to celebrate an event or improve the look of your home. Artificial bouquets, on the other hand, look just as good but can stand the test of time and will not wilt or turn brown. For a more in-depth introspection, check out our blog, which compares artificial flora to fresh flowers.

Office flower arrangements often add an inviting aesthetic to a reception area or meeting room but often are costly and tend to have a short life-span. Our Perennial Blooms, however, ensure your office space always looks picture-perfect for client visits or perhaps, to lift employee morale while brightening up your workspace.

Suppose you are like a large portion of the UK population and suffer from hayfever or pollen allergies.

No need to worry about plant-related allergies where our Perennial Blooms artificial bouquets are concerned, you can freely enjoy the sight of our artificial flower arrangements without fear of itchy eyes or a runny nose.

Real flowers often wilt and die within a week or two. In contrast, the long lifespan of faux flower arrangements makes them perfect for long term floral displays, or even rotating their display another arrangement for seasonal use while safely storing the unused arrangement.

Our stems are created from high-quality polyurethane, latex, and real-touch silk which ensures the finished bouquets look and feel just like the real thing.

Perennial Blooms offers a wide range of options to fit your interior style or cater to seasonal display. Perfect for a romantic gesture that will stand the test of time or simply to bring some colour to your home. Our perennial blooms range has been designed to offer a style to suit whatever aesthetic you're going for.

A brides’ wedding bouquet is often one of the essential accessories to a wedding. Artificial wedding flowers allow you to keep the memory of the magical day alive far beyond the lifespan of a traditional living bouquet without having to dry out arrangements and risk damaging the fragile petals.

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer custom arrangements but feel free to take a look at our range of faux stems and have a go at creating your own long-lasting bouquet.

Artificial paradise bouquet flower arrangement - Blooming Artificial
£50.40 inc VAT £56.00 inc VAT
  • 5.0 star rating

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