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Artificial Bay Laurel Tree
From: £41.99 inc VAT
Artificial Bay Laurel Bush Ball
From: £33.99 inc VAT

Lifelike fake bay trees perfect for your home or office

Artificial bay trees are one of, if not the most popular artificial trees available today. They provide an excellent alternative to natural bays which require constant pruning and training to maintain their topiary lollipop shape. Our faux bay trees have a distinctive dark green leaves and are “pruned” into lollipop shape which makes them ideal for standing either side of the entrance to your home or business. Many customers add some extra sparkle with a set of LED lights!

We currently offer two types of fake bay trees: our best-selling artificial bay laurel tree which is available in sizes 120cm/ 4ft and 150cm/ 5ft and our customer favourite bay laurel bush ball which sits at 70cm/2.5ft.

View our range of fake bay trees below or view our full range of artificial trees here.

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