7 Style Secrets For 7 Rooms
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  • Posted Oct 31 2016
This autumn, the trends for your home are bold and exciting. Are you tempted by a forest of ferns or by splashes of retro orange? Here is the very best advice from a range of expert interior designers to help you create your perfect home.

This room-by-room guide compiles the latest ideas and inspiration, from lounge to bathroom. Even that oft-forgotten box room could soon look fabulous and fashionable. Whether you are going for a complete make-over, or just want some quick, easy tips to make your home look great this autumn and beyond, read on.

The room: Lounge

The trend: Leaves and trees

In autumn, we want our doors and windows closed, but still with a sense that the garden is part of the home. As Rachael White, a course leader at the world renowned KLC School of Design told the LuxPad, “Stylish botanicals come in all shapes and sizes nowadays and when used properly, they can really lift a flat interior to another level.”

To bring botanicals into your house, layer the textures and patterns. You could begin with foliage inspired wallpaper, accompanied by teal furniture in velvet upholstery. Keep flooring neutral and natural with seagrass or light wood floorboards.

If you do only one thing:

This look requires several large plants in tiptop condition. There’s no need to go for real ones requiring lots of care, because modern artificial plants frankly look just as good and won’t deteriorate over time like a real one. Plants that complement this theme include the fan palm, cheese plant and cycas.

The room: Kitchen

The trend: Artisan

The hi-tech glossy kitchen with futuristic lines has been replaced by a more thoughtful, handmade feel. We’re not talking cute homemade craft, but rather items that seem expertly crafted, unique and bespoke, whether that is a driftwood table with benches or a rose gold light shades.

Emma Harris, interior design blogger, believes that, “the trend for unique artisanal items will continue to go from strength to strength, with people wanting well-crafted and timeless pieces in their homes at the same time as supporting independent makers.”

If you do only one thing:

Of course, we don’t all have the budget for larger bespoke items, but you can reference this trend with smaller locally-sourced artisan objects, such as wooden bowls and serving platters, chunky pottery and handmade wine glasses.

The room: Dining room

The trend: Colour pops

Designer Kelly Hoppen may be best known for her signature taupe palette, but she often uses bursts of vibrant colour within her designs, and explains that, “Bold accent colours can change the whole character of a neutral scheme and don’t just change the look visually, but contribute to the whole feel of a room.”

In a dining room, it’s easy to introduce colour without changing the whole décor, through table settings, candelabras, vases, seats (painted or upholstery) and curtains. Try pops of fuchsia pink or retro orange against a more muted background, such as soft grey.

If you do only one thing:

Invest in bright orange crockery – it will make you smile every day.

The room: Stairs

The trend: Bright white

As this stunning white staircase by Clare Pascoe Interiors shows, a simple white staircase can be a thing of beauty. Reference this trend in your home with all white risers, treads and banisters and resist the urge to put up pictures.

If you do only one thing:

Paint your banisters white to create a clean, light, bright feel.

The room: Bedroom

The trend: Natural

Whatever trends may come and go, your bedroom needs to be a place of calm and rest. Interior designer Sims Hilditch explains that natural need not be neutral and boring, instead, seek inspiration from natural materials rich in texture, like wood or stone. These mood boards are inspirational and the simplicity of this style means it won’t quickly date.

If you do only one thing:

Declutter. Your bedroom needs to offer you space from the world, rather than feel overwhelmingly full of objects. The right storage helps, but sometimes, so does a bin bag.

The room: Box room

The trend: Full paper

Suffolk based designer, Charlotte Ford, has wrestled with many strangely shaped or tiny rooms. Her advice is to “Go overboard with wallpaper – paper all the walls, and even have the same design on the curtain fabric.” Finally, add a mirror to give depth and intensify the effect.

If you do just one thing:

Charlotte recommends sorting your storage solutions in small rooms, seeking clever options such as desks under raised beds and integrated storage.

The room: Bathroom

The trend: Artistic tiles

Stunning, detailed tiles will transform your bathroom – they are pieces of art in their own right. Award winning designer Linda Merrill calls this trend the artistic tile and it works perfectly in the bathroom.

Here is Linda’s 7 style secrets for 7 rooms stunning pick of tiles that are anything but boring – offering rich texture or subtle metallic tones to create interest and depth in even the smallest room. Complement with a neutral wall colour to really let the tiles stand out.

If you do only one thing:

If you can’t replace your tiles, buy new towels in geometric or quilt style patterns.

What next?

That is the pick of expert advice for each room of your home. The only decision now is which room will you transform first?
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