5 Trendy Ways to Decorate this Christmas
  • By Alick
  • In Inspiration
  • Posted Nov 12 2019

Christmas will be here before we know it and with sleigh bells on the way it’s time to style our homes with festive décor. Rather than the usual tinsel and bells why not add some extra flair to your home this Christmas with our 5 trendy ideas below.

Create your own advent calendar

There are bags of fun to be had with this one and it’s a more sustainable option than the usual calendars found in the supermarket. You can easily create your own advent calendar using envelopes, paper bags, shoe boxes or miniature drawers and decorate with ribbon, lights, pinecones or foliage. If you’re feeling creative you could even use twine to hang your calendar like a garland for extra style points!

Some popular filling ideas include:
  • Favourite chocolates
  • Miniature versions of your favourite alcoholic drink
  • Small scented candles
  • Christmas snacks

There’s plenty of ways to incorporate your style into your calendar whether that’s rustic or traditional, plus you can get your DIY advent calendar out year after year. Check out more designs here.

Introduce Metallic Tones

It’s cold outside and with the dark evenings it’s more important than ever to create a space that feels warm and inviting. Copper and gold instantly add a bit of retro glam to any festive display, while warm bronze and brass pair perfectly with the trending burnt orange and mustard shades.

Make sure to use them sparingly through the use of small ornaments and accessories such as candle holders, lamps, plant pots, cushions and tableware, otherwise you risk overpowering the rest of your décor. Pair with earthy tones and natural materials for a Nordic vibe.

You can carry this theme throughout your home using glitzy baubles, stockings, and other decorations. You could even bring it outside by spray painting a wreath and hanging on your front door.

Christmas Tree Alternatives

Traditional Christmas trees drop needles which are less than ideal around children and pets. Switch up tradition with a fun festive cactus or palm. You can spruce them up just the same using lights, tinsel, baubles and more for a quirky take on the classic pine.

If you’re not feeling the tropical Christmas vibe, why not try a miniature addition perfect for smaller spaces? You can use tiny pine trees, pretty miniature rosemary trees, or opt for faux with our mini festive cedar pine. For a simple Scandi vibe, try filling oversized vases or jars with water and add a bough of pine foliage.

Twig Arrangements

We love the idea of using twigs, flowers and baubles to create a unique festive display. Over on Instagram @victoria_road_restoration uses twisted hazel twigs, faux foliage and baubles tied together with fishing wire and cable ties to create beautiful features which can be hung over your dining table, bed or anywhere really! Decorate with lights and ribbon and you’ll have an impressive Christmas feature your friends and family will envy.

Alternatively small contemporary twig trees are all the rage this year! Try spray painting a bare branch in gold, silver or white, set in a large vase and add colourful baubles, wooden ornaments and other accessories for a fun, easy and maintenance free display.

Use Citrus

Citrus used to be a widely popular choice for Christmas décor before artificial lights and tinsel. It’s definitely making a comeback this year and for good reason too! Not only is it pretty and budget-friendly, but it also fills your home with a sweet citrus scent. Either hang orange slices on your Christmas tree, use whole in wreaths and garlands or slice, bake and thread onto twine to make your own citrus garland.


If these ideas aren’t for you, nothing says Christmas like the timeless look of red décor mixed with greenery. Use a blend of cosy blankets, red ornaments, lush green foliage and matching wrapping paper for a traditional Christmas look.
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