Ficus trees date back 60 to 80 million years yet they still look every bit as good! This traditional looking, realistic Variegated Ficus has a natural wooden trunk and luscious leaves. It looks great in all planters, allowing you to tailor it to your home setting. What more could you want? Available in 4ft, 5ft and 6ft - this could be the perfect tree for you.

SPECIAL OFFER - Fantastic savings when you buy a pair!

Please note: If you require a pair, please select "pair" from the drop down menu below. Enter "1" in the quantity and you will receive two Ficus trees.
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Price : £19.99 ex. VAT
£23.99 inc. VAT
No Planter required.
Brussels Round Diamond
White 22wx21h cm
£ 8.99
Brussels Round Diamond
Black 22wx21h cm
£ 8.99
Brussels Round Diamond
Oyster Pearl 22wx21h cm
£ 8.99
Brussels Round Diamond
Bronze 22wx21h cm
£ 8.99
No Other Options required.
LED lights
£ 4.99
Pair of LED Lights
£ 9.98

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