Silk Flowers Make Cheaper Arrangements

Time-Saving Sophisticated Silk Flowers

There’s no doubt about it – decorating your home or office with flowers doesn’t come cheap; the problem lies in having to replace your short-lived floral friends every week or two!  Plus, they need to be watered, fed and looked after to keep them looking their best – meaning it’s not just your money, but your time that you’re having to part with on a regular basis. A smarter option would be to invest in our selection of beautiful artificial silk flowers that are guaranteed to be the focal point of any home, office or special occasion.

Our silk flowers look equally as beautiful as the real deal, but they don’t require any of the maintenance. In fact, if treated well, they can stay vibrant and fresh-looking forever. Made from high-quality silk, artificial flowers can instantly add lashings of colour and brightness to a room with minimal effort. The ultimate decoration, they can be used in offices, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms – in fact, anywhere you desire!

Our artificial silk flowers are available at very affordable prices, here at Blooming Artificial.  Flowers ordered from us can be used straight from the box, and, after a little dressing, they are sure add beauty to any location.

The final word: Even though real flowers may appear the least expensive option initially, investing in silk flowers can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.



Faux Orchids Flourish in Winter

There are 30,000 types of exotic orchids and a variety of hybrids that thrive in tropical countries such as Thailand, Vietnam and India. Unfortunately, here in the UK, we rarely experience tropical climates and this often results in such fragile plants being a little difficult to look after during the colder months. Blooming Artificial to the rescue! We’re well known for our range of high quality beautiful artificial orchids – we have everything from traditional to contemporary silk orchids with realistic attention to detail in everything – the petals, the stamens, the leaves and even the stems themselves.

Even though they’re faux orchids, many of them have gorgeous silk or polyester flower heads and petals that feel real to the touch. Most of the stems are also bendable and will hold their shape.

We stock multiple styles and colours to suit every room of your house or business. Our recommendation for the winter months: brighten your house with a vase full of stunning yellow Small Cymbidium. This orchid, also known as the boat orchid, typically grows in the winter; but this beautiful artificial recreation will stay in bloom all year.