Artificial Plants vs. the ‘Real Deal’

Are real plants better than artificial plants? We’re here to tell you why they’re not!

Artificial plants…

Do not require any maintenance, other than dusting
Do not wilt in a matter of days
Do not need watering or sunlight; they can be kept at the back of the cupboard and still look wonderful!
Do not affect asthmatics or those who suffer with hay fever
Do not attract pesky insects
Do not leave soil on your favourite cream rug

However, they DO…

Look so realistic that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between artificial plants and the ‘real deal’
Make your neighbours incredibly jealous as they stand in their wilting winter garden, peering over the fence at your botanical beauties
Stop your wife having an affair with the gardener you were forced to employ
Save you time and money

So, if this still hasn’t convinced you, take a look at our latest special offers and see for yourself!